Anupama H
Frontend Engineer
Work Experience
Engineering Lead - UI
Nov 2019 - Today

Leading the UI team which works on all the customer facing interfaces of Unbxd like the Self Serve Search console, Search SDKs & Unbxd Website

Self Serve Search Console

  • Conceptualized, built & adding features to the Unbxd Self Serve platform for eCommerce search & browse products using React JS
  • Architected & lead the team to build easy to use, plug and play SDKs for rendering the search landing page (both in Vanilla JS & React JS)
  • Actively involved in product lifecycle activities like giving demos, trainings & building the supportive toolkits around the product
  • Integrated JS SDK into eCommerce plugins for platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify etc from a front end standpoint

Unbxd Website

  • Revamped the tech stack of Unbxd website to use a decoupled architecture separating out the UI from content heading towards a headless CMS architecture
  • Implemented a new coding paradigm with Gatsby JS & Graph QL where the pages were expressed as JSON that contained reusable component slices
  • Improved the page speeds & SEO metrics leading to better website engagement rates & google search ranking

Tech Lead - UI
Sept 2017 - Oct 2019

Core member of the team that conceptualized & built the PIM product of Unbxd

Product Information Management (PIM) platform

  • Built the Unbxd PIM product from scratch, was involved right from product inception, design, development, release, marketing & sales of the PIM product
  • Was responsible for the complete lifecycle of the UI portal right from choosing the UI stack, building the code base to maintaining & enforcing best practices
  • Built a component library in React JS (react-components-bundle) that was used throughout the application which helped in building new features quickly

Tech Lead - UI
July 2017 - Sept 2017

Built core features in the Inmobi customer interface portal for publishers & advertisers to come onboard & advertise / monetize with InMobi

Inmobi Customer Interface Portal

  • Contributed in building various features in this portal like the Creative manager which is a tool to simplify operations around creatives
  • Was responsible for delivering all the UI features for the Performance App Download section on the customer interface portal

Reseller Platform

  • Contributed in building the campaign creation workflows in the Reseller Platform. As part of this built the creation flows for Banner, Interstitial & Video adformats

Senior Engineer - UI
Jan 2015 - June 2017

Built various ad formats that were part of the creatives offering of Inmobi

Video Interstitial Ads

  • Built various video interstitial adformats using vanilla Javascript and rendered in mobile webviews
  • Explored & implemented solutions for prebuffering videos for a buffer free instant play experience that helped in improving the render rates & play rates
  • Worked on implementing VAST & VPAID mobile video technologies. Also implemented viewability tracking in the video ads through Moat & IAS integrations.


  • Worked on the creation of cutting edge AdFormats like Banner Ads, Static Interstitial Ads, Frame Ads, Enriched Interstitial Ads & Carousal Ads
  • Automated the ad generation process using Grunt task runner that improved the efficiency of the deliverables

Software Engineer
June 2012 - Dec 2014

Worked on the app developer platform of Inmobi adding various features to it using Backbone & Play framework

InMobi Lifetime Value Platform Portal

  • Built various features in the InMobi Lifetime Value Platform Portal (LTVP) which is a one stop shop for Mobile App Developers to analyze, monetize, & drive engagement for their Apps.

App Intelligence Portal Rich UI

  • Redesigned the App Intelligence Insights portal as part of Bootcamp Project. The main idea was to create a dashboard for the developer where they can view all the required information in brief at one place. The application used various widgets built using canvas tag to display all the data visually.

About Me
UI Engineer with over 9+ years of experience in using client side technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and libraries / frameworks like jQuery, Backbone, React, Gatsby, Graph QL, Handlebars JS, Underscore, Require JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, Less, Grunt and Webpack for building highly performant and scalable web applications. Having an extraordinary ability to go to details, I take complete ownership in solving any problem and build a deep understanding of the products I work on. I have also mentored and ramped up team members in various projects.
Tech Skills
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • React JS
  • Gatsby
  • Graph QL
  • SCSS
  • Less
  • Node JS
  • jQuery
  • Handlebars JS
  • Underscore JS
  • Backbone JS
  • Grunt JS
  • Webpack
  • PES School Of Engineering (2008 - 2012)
    ( Bachelor Of Engineering - CS )
  • St Francis PU college (2006 - 2008)
    ( Pre University Course )
  • Mary Immaculate School (1996 - 2006)
    ( Secondary School Education )